Easy Ladybug Halloween Costume

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Easy Ladybug Halloween Costume
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  1. 2 pieces (12 x 18 inches) stiff red felt
  2. 1 piece (12 x 18 inches) black felt
  3. 2 hook-and-loop stick-on buttons
  4. 2 large black chenille pipe cleaners
  5. 1 regular black pipe cleaner
  6. 1 square (12 inches) stick-on black felt
  7. 1 black headband
  8. 1 black turtleneck top
  9. 1 pair black leggings
  1. Step 1
  2. To make the ladybug's wings, draw a semicircle on each piece of stiff red felt. You can attach a 12-inch piece of string to a pencil and, holding the string end midway on the 18-inch side of the felt, draw a semicircle by swinging the pencil in an arc. Curve the top of each wing as shown at right.
  3. Step 2
  4. To make the yoke, fold the black felt piece in half lengthwise. At the center of the folded edge, cut a 5-inch, curved neck opening. Curve the outer edges of the yoke and cut the center open as shown in the photo.
  5. Step 3
  6. Attach the top of the wings to the back of the yoke with glue or needle and thread. Add hook-and-loop buttons to either side of the yoke opening. Sew or glue the large chenille pipe cleaners to the outside joints between the yoke and the wings: these are the bug's extra legs.
  7. Step 4
  8. Use a glass to trace 7 black dots on the stick-on black felt. Cut out the dots and stick them to the ladybug wings as shown in the photo.
  9. Step 5
  10. Glue the center of the regular black pipe cleaner to the center of the headband. Reinforce it with a strip of black stick-on felt. Curl ends of pipe cleaner to complete the antennae.
  11. Step 6
  12. Dress the child in the black turtleneck, leggings, wings with yoke and headband.
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