Little Stinker Halloween Costume

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Little Stinker Halloween Costume
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  1. 1 scrap (12x15 inches) black faux fur
  2. 2 pipe cleaners
  3. 1 black shirt
  4. 1 white 6-foot marabou feather boa
  5. 1 black or white baby cap with ties
  6. 1 pair black pants
  1. Step 1
  2. Cut fur into two pieces: one, 8 x 15 inches, will make the tail. The other, 4 x 15 inches, will make the cap (see Step 3). Using the 8- x 15-inch piece of fur for the tail, put the right (furry) sides together and sew, glue or staple the long seam, leaving one end open. Invert the tail so the furry side is out and flatten with the seam underneath. Insert the pipe cleaners on either side of the flattened tail and glue them in place. Attach the open end of the tail to shirt bottom using staples, glue or stitches. Use the pipe cleaners inside the tail to give it shape, such as curling upward.
  3. Step 2
  4. Attach boa to the back of the black shirt, starting at the waist. Run it up to the left side of the neck, across the neck, and back down to the waist as shown in the photo. Then run it to the end of the tail. This creates two strips down the back and one down the tail.
  5. Step 3
  6. To make the cap, take the 4- x 15-inch piece of fur and clip the corners of a 4-inch end to make a point. (Save the corners to become ears.) Place pointed piece of fur at top center of baby cap and attach across top of cap to nape. Attach boa on either side of cap fur to make two stripes on head. Attach corner pieces of fur to the sides of the cap below the boa stripes as ears.
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