Wicked Witch Cupcake

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Wicked Witch Cupcake
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  1. 24 (2 1/2 in.) cupcakes, baked in paper liners
  2. 1 1/2 can(s) (16 oz each) chocolate frosting
  3. 20 chocolate wafer cookies, finely crushed
  4. 2 cup(s) white rolled fondant (we used Wilton’s Ready-to-Use White Rolled Fondant)
  5. Gel or paste food color (black, purple, green, yellow)
  6. 2 scalloped biscuit cutter
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  1. Frost cupcakes with chocolate frosting. Place chocolate wafer cookie crumbs in a small bowl and dip cupcakes into crumbs to coat tops.
  2. Tint 1 cup fondant black and 1/2 cup fondant purple. Use green and yellow to tint remaining 1/2 cup fondant a lime color. (Cover with plastic wrap when not using to prevent drying.)
  3. Roll 1 tsp lime-colored fondant into a 5-in. rope; cut in half for legs. Roll a scant tsp purple fondant into a ball, cut in half and shape each half into a shoe. Repeat, making legs and shoes for all of the cupcakes. Place 2 legs onto each frosted cupcake, brush end of legs with water and attach a shoe to each.
  4. Roll black fondant into a thin round. With biscuit cutter, cut out 48 circles for witches' hats. (Press together scraps and reroll to get the full 48.)
  5. Place one circle on top of each cupcake for a hat brim. Form the rest of the circles into cone shapes; secure to hat brims with a little water.
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