Spider Halloween Wreath

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Spider Halloween Wreath
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  1. What you'll need
  2. Foam wreath form
  3. Black string, embroidery floss or cord
  4. Bright orange fuzzy yarn
  5. Hot glue gun & glue sticks
  6. Chenille stems (pipe cleaners), bright colors
  7. Sparkly pom poms that match chenille stems
  8. Wiggle eyes,multiple sizes
  1. How to make it
  2. black cord spider web
  3. Criss-cross black cord around the foam wreath form to create the spider web.
  4. Wrap wreath with fuzzy yarn
  5. Cut about 3 yards of fuzzy, bright orange yarn from the skein. Hot glue one end to the foam wreath form and wrap the yarn around the wreath form. Secure with hot glue every few inches.
  6. fuzzy orange wreath
  7. When you come to the end of your yarn, hot glue the end to the wreath form. Cut off a new piece of yarn several yards long and continue wrapping around the wreath until it is completely covered in the orange yarn. Check for any gaps where the form is peeking through, and add extra yarn in those spots as needed.
  8. spider legs
  9. For each spider, cut two chenille stems in half to make four pieces. Fold the pieces in half again. Hold the folded stem at the base (folded end) and fold the loose ends up and then down again. Make one more small fold at the end for a "foot." Do this for each stem to make eight legs. (See slideshow above for detailed pictures of making the legs).
  10. glue on spider legs
  11. Hot glue the spider legs to the bottom of a matching sparkly pom pom.
  12. pom pom and chenille stem spiders
  13. When the glue has cooled, flip the spider over and hot glue the wiggle eyes on. Vary the number and size of the eyes on each spider. Repeat steps 4-6 to make five or six colorful spiders.
  14. Arrange the spiders on the wreath and on the black cord "spider web" and use hot glue to secure them on. To glue spiders to the web, flip the wreath over and generously hot glue the underside of the spider to the cord. Hold in place until cool. Once cool, you may also want to secure the legs to a few spots on the web.
  15. spider wreath
  16. The complete wreath is ready to hang!
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