Milk Carton Halloween Luminaries

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Milk Carton Halloween Luminaries
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  1. What you'll need
  2. Clean Dairy Carton
  3. Black Spray Paint
  4. Craft Knife
  5. Orange or Yellow Tissue Paper
  6. Battery Operated Flameless Candle
  7. Tape or Glue
  1. Take your carton out to a well-ventilated place and paint it black. Use several light coats to avoid drips.
  2. Cut off the top using a craft knife. Be careful around the corners—they can be tricky.
  3. And hey, don't worry if your line isn't exactly straight. If someone says anything about it, tell them it was "intentional." You made an "artistic choice to channel the feeling Halloween evokes." They'll consider you a genius. High five!
  4. Take your craft knife and cut out a face. I like to free hand this part. Mainly, because I like to buck conventional wisdom and not plan things out properly. If that isn't your speed, take a pencil and outline a face before you start cutting.
  5. Now, some of your paint may have chipped off during the cutting. Don't stress. We're going to give the whole thing another coat of paint. So go ahead and do that now.
  6. After the paint is dry, cut a piece of tissue paper to fit the inside panel of your luminary. Tape or glue into place.
  7. Place a flameless candle inside and you have a spooktacular homemade Halloween luminary. Nice job!
Adapted from Jennifer Cooper
Adapted from Jennifer Cooper
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