Frankenstein’s Monster Cake

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Frankenstein's Monster Cake
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  1. I box of your favorite cake mix baked to the directions on the cake box
  2. Cake frosted with green buttercream
  3. Decorating bag filled with chocolate fudge frosting
  4. Wilton tips #47 (basketweave) and #3 (small round)
  5. 2 white candy melts
  6. 2 brown M&M's
  7. 1 green peanut M&M
  8. 1 mini Twix bar
  1. My favorite part of this cake is the hair!
  2. I used a tub of pre-made frosting (gasp!) because the consistency is perfect for this.
  3. (I added some black food coloring to make it darker.)
  4. Using tip #47, start piping in the middle of the cake and move outward -
  5. going over the edge and down the side a little.
  6. Make sure the serrated side of the tip is up.
  7. Continue all the way around the cake, making the hair longer in back.
  8. Attach the brown M&M's to the candy melts with a dab of frosting, then press on to the cake.
  9. Attach your green peanut M&M to the cake right under the eyes.
  10. Using tip #3, Pipe on a squiggly mouth and a scar.
  11. Cute the Twix bar in half, and press into the sides of the cake to make bolts.
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