Jelly Bean Christmas Trees

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Jelly Bean Christmas Trees
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  1. 1 dozen 12-inch plastic decorating pastry bags (available at party supply stores)
  2. 4 cups green jelly beans
  3. 1 cup total yellow, white, and red jelly beans
  4. Tape
  5. 12 brown pipe cleaners
  1. Place a few yellow jelly beans in the tip of the plastic decorating bag. Then carefully pour about 1/3 cup of green jelly beans into the bag. For lights and ornaments, you can mix the green jelly beans with yellow, white, and red. For the tree's trunk, tape the bag shut and twist a brown pipe cleaner around the base. Trim off the excess plastic. (Note: in the top photograph, the trees are held upright with fishing line.) Makes 12 trees.
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