Bat and Cat Cookies

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Bat and Cat Cookies
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  1. 1
  2. roll (16.5 oz) Pillsbury® refrigerated sugar cookies
  3. 1
  4. container (1 lb) vanilla creamy ready-to-spread frosting
  5. Orange gel food color
  6. Black string licorice
  7. 32
  8. green miniature candy-coated semisweet chocolate baking bits
  9. 1
  10. tube (0.68 oz) black decorating gel
  11. 24
  12. miniature semisweet chocolate chips
  1. 1 Heat oven to 350┬░F. Make and cool cookies as directed.
  2. 2 Remove 1/2 cup of frosting; tint remaining frosting with orange gel food color. Frost 8 cookies with white frosting. Frost 8 cookies with orange frosting. Place remaining orange frosting in food-storage plastic bag, and cut small hole in 1 corner.
  3. 3 For bats, use white-frosted cookies. Place 1-inch spiral of string licorice in center of each cookie for body. Pipe wings on sides of body with orange frosting. For eyes, attach 2 green baking bits onto body of each with frosting; squeeze a dot of black decorating gel in middle of each eye. Place 2 miniature chocolate chips on each for ears.
  4. 4 For cats, use orange-frosted cookies. Unroll and separate string licorice; place pieces of string licorice on cookies to look like ears and whiskers. Attach 2 green baking bits to each for eyes and 1 miniature chocolate chip
  1. There will be about 1/2 cup of leftover frosting; you can adjust the frosting to your own taste, or spread remaining frosting between graham crackers for an extra treat.
  2. We prefer the more sturdy single string of black licorice instead of the softer pull-apart variety.
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